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Welcome to my own slice of the pie!

Putting up a web site is the easy part, keeping it updated and with relevant content is the actual hard part. I'll try and not treat the site as my own blog space, since I have access to those already anyways, but rather I'll post content that will be more unique and longer lasting than just my thoughts about what I had for dinner last night.

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Do I put up all of my trips and pictures, or do I pick and choose the better ones without being too impersonal and at the same without revealing too much about my personal paranonias.  
  • Del.Icio.US - this site takes advantage of the concept of the social bookmarking approach while also allowing you to create an online bookmark site that is always accessible.
  • YourMinis.com - a pretty interesting approach to the Web 2.0 world. Some of the bots actually do what they claim, and the other ones still need some polishing off.

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