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Welcome to my Web site!

How much does one need to put on their web site without saying too much or having some weirdos show up on the door step when they have a problem with something that one wrote? I've been struggling with this for a while and I do want to say a lot, but at the same time I'm somewhat hesitant about saying too much.

This will be an attempt at balancing the personal paranoia with the personal desire to share as much as possible with as many as possible.

I've been a gov't clone for the last five years now and I have to say that the whole gov't experience has been quite disappointing.

My true heart and passions lie in other areas, both professional and recreational, and the time at the gov't allowes me to pursue these things with the "blessing" of my supervisors. As long as I keep myself busy and channel my energies into other things, they're happy.

I think that my calling in life is to teach and try and help other people with this technical world that we live in, and I still try to do some independent work in those areas, but it's not as often as I would or need it to be.


Scuba Diving has been a very fulfilling and satisfying hobby that I took up years ago, and as much as I like to dive, it doesn't happen often enough for me. Can't single out anything, just life in general right now that doesn't let me pursue it as vigorously as I would like to.

Traveling and seeing other places and cultures has always been a weakness of mine.


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